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Everything we do is about embracing the complex and unpredictable nature of human behaviour.

We are passionate about finding the right 'keys' to change people's actions, influence choices, or change habits. We don't just leverage insights, methods, and tools of Behavioural Science and Human-Centered Design. We design products, services, or experiences that people want and need.

And yes, we also happen to deliver outstanding consulting services and behavioural research support that helps companies grow.

In partnership with leading organizations globally

In partnership with leading organizations globally

Consumer Research &
Behavioural Experiments

Uncover, understand and test the hidden aspects of customer behavior and multi-channel customer experiences leveraging millions of participants from 100+ countries

Behavioural experiments & surveys

Product concept testing

Communications testing (marketing & public policy)

Cross-channel research: CX-UX-BeSci Fusion (NEW)

How we do it

We focus on transforming customer insights into business breakthroughs to drive your business growth. Our expertise lies in not just designing and executing unique behavioural experiments, but in applying the right tools from applied behavioural science and marketing research to delve deep into customer choices and behaviours, providing you with actionable quantitative and qualitative insights. Our service extends from new product concepts to innovative marketing communication testing and cross-channel customer experience analysis, ensuring every aspect of your customer's journey is meticulously examined and optimised for maximum engagement and retention.

Behavioural Design & Consulting

Grow your business and create superior customer experiences with evidence-based behavioural design of products, policy interventions, processes and customer experiences

Behavioural design (HCD + BeSci)

Express behavioural audits & reports

Consulting & Advisory (timeboxed engagements)

How we do it

This is where evidence-based methods meet innovation & design thinking. We are transforming behavioural insights into action, delivering solutions that enhance customer satisfaction and align with your business goals. From rapid behavioural audits to immersive behavioural design sessions, we provide clear, actionable strategies and innovative product designs, ensuring impactful results and growth opportunities.

Simulation & Prototype Testing

From benchmarking your customer journeys vs your competitors to exploration & testing of your product concepts or processes, we created a dedicated sandbox environment tailored to your digital needs.

Customer journeys simulation & benchmarking

Product prototype testing

Realistic simulations of consumer environments (online banking, insurance, e-commerce, price comparison, search engines ...)

Programming of complex behavioural experiments 
(multivariate testing)

How We Do It

Specifically designed Expilab's  platform stands out in its ability to offer comprehensive and risk-free testing environments. Not only can you meticulously test and refine your customer journeys and prototypes, but you can also benchmark them against your competitors, ensuring your strategies are ahead of the curve. With over 15 years of expertise in programming complex behavioral experiments, we bring unparalleled depth to your testing needs. This robust testing capability, combined with our flexibility in experimenting with new ideas and concepts, positions your business at the forefront of innovation and market relevance.

Training & Capacity Building

We will help your team to get a better understanding of how applied behavioural science and behavioural insights can help your company to improve customer experiences and grow.

Subject matter expert talks

Workshops and training

Tools and toolkits

How We Do It

From connecting you with subject matter experts from diverse fields such as marketing, consumer behavior and behavioural economics to delivery of solution-focused workshops we help your team to learn how to apply behavioural science insights and methods to solve your specific business challenges. Our experts will guide your team through behavioural diagnostics, helping to pinpoint and overcome key barriers, developing relevant processes & materials, and translating consumer insights into actionable strategies.

Working with Expilab has been a great experience. We collaborated in two complex projects with a global scope, and from brief to execution they were great collaborators, bringing to the table strong behavioural science expertise and integrated with our team seamlessly.

The showed great work ethic and attention to detail, helping us deliver insightful, innovative work for our clients.

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Expilab provided my client with a one-stop solution for programming and running behavioral science experiments for research purposes. They provided high-quality services and saved us time. It has been great to work with Expilab's team. I highly recommend them.

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I've had the pleasure of working closely with Andrew over the last 2 years. He's provided invaluable behavioural science expertise and input throughout this time, ranging from in-depth behavioural experiments to quick behavioural audits of proposed features and UX. His work has enabled us to implement best-in-class, informed and strategic consent solutions across both digital and face-to-face channels

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Working with Andrew and his team from Expilab about a year ago was an absolute pleasure. We teamed up on several projects for a global brand, their role was crucial in developing the strategic direction of the programs we worked on by conducting primary market research.

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We found Expilab very helpful and approachable. They helped us design complex online experiments and continued to be supportive throughout the project. We would happily use them again!

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Expilab have assisted me with the panel management for my dissertation research, and they have done an excellent job. Andrew and his team have been extremely professional and reliable, always available and responsive even when I decided to add some last minute features to my survey. Highly recommended.

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Working with Expilab has been a great experience. We collaborated in two complex projects with a global scope, and from brief to execution they were great collaborators, bringing to the table strong behavioural science expertise and integrated with our team seamlessly. The showed great work ethic and attention to detail, helping us deliver insightful, innovative work for our clients.

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It was a great experience working Expilab Research, Andrew always replies speedily and came up with qucik solutions for problem shooting. Thanks for the awesome job!


What sets us

Fully embedded teams

Our model is based on integrated and committed teams who focus on your project full time working closely with you and your stakeholders. Same team across the whole engagement.

Clear, ambitious goals

We help create category-leading customer experiences and products by clarifying KPIs, customer and business objectives upfront.

Agile, flexible approach

We adopted agile, sprint based ways of working to align better with your development teams while keeping systematic and academically rigorous approach to application of behavioural science

20-days to market testing

For most projects where our team works on building behaviourally informed product concepts, we complete concept design early to start testing and validating before development starts

End-to-end solutions

We pride on being able to offer end-to-end behavioural design support from concept development and behavioural diagnostics to in-field testing using our own digital research platform

Ongoing work, transparent

Instead of making big presentations, we focus on working closely with you so that you can see actual ongoing work at every stage of the process. Creating effective solutions is challenging enough so we better focus on designing and testing before making big reveals.

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Our approach combines the power of Behavioural Science and Human-Centered Design to craft innovative products and experiences that resonate with what people truly want and need.

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We deliver end-to-end 360-degree research solutions, managing everything from programming complex behavioural experiments to recruitment of participants and statistical analysis.

Tell us how we can help you. We can confidentially discuss your ideas without any obligations from your side!


Do you need participants for your experiments? We have access to 100M+ participants (panelists) from 100+ countries in the world.


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