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We help academic researchers to code and run online behavioural experiments @Expilab's platform for behavioural research

Programming of behavioural experiments

Recruit participants from 100+ countries.

Performance incentives are possible

Simulations, online games and complex  experiments

Replication of any digital environments

End-to-end support with research projects

100+ countries

100M participants

Stratification & Targeting

100+ countries

100M participants

Stratification & Targeting

We found Expilab very helpful and approachable. They helped us design complex online experiments and continued to be supportive throughout the project. We would happily use them again!

5 reasons why to run your research with us

Speed up your research pipeline

We transform your research design into data by taking fast and professional care of all the logistics and technicalities related to programming and conducting digital experiments

Replicate any digital environments

We can replicate any digital environment from search engines, web stores, showrooms, healthcare portals, and social networks to fully functional and realistic online gambling websites adapted for your needs

Get full flexibility for implementation of your ideas

Allow full flexibility for implementation of your research ideas into digital experiments without the need to compromise on your research designs.

Obtain professional reliability & quality

From academic roots, we've grown into a multidisciplinary collective of professionals united to achieve excellence in what we do and to drive business growth and profitability for our clients.

We can adapt costs for you

Costs of running a study are comparable with the costs of hiring a Research Assistant. We are happy to adjust costs to make it work for you.

Digital Research Platform Created by Researchers for Researchers

Unlimited complexity

Experimental protocols of any complexity

Interactive graphics

Interactive graphics & multimedia created 
for you

Decision process-tracing

Mouse-tracking & activity recording + Heatmaps

Qualtrics integration & more

Embed treatments into existing tools & systems

Non-linear & complex logic

Within-treatment, -page & -stimuli logic

High realism of stimuli

Re-create any decision settings or stimuli

It was a great working experience with Expilab Research. I am looking forward to more collaborations in the future

European Roulette & Slot-Machine in Realistic Settings

Benefit from the full experimental control of realistic (but fictional) website of a hypothetical gambling operator with 2 fully-functional gambles.

Conduct RCT studies recording gambler’s behaviour (actions, choices, timing etc) while adapting settings for your needs Demo Experiment

Set bet / gamble / time limits

Virtual wallet & payment system

Adjustable betting history

Warning messages & pop-ups at any stage

Programmable probabilities

Survey integration & logic

Product Comparison & Choice Experiments

The pre-programmed environments allow embedding any type of multimedia and features randomisations, mouse-cursor tracing (similar to MouseLab), pop-ups with interactive elements (e.g. questionnaires & feedback) and more.

Pre-set/random order of rows /columns

Dynamic population of tables

Sorting, filtering, ordering

Warning messages & pop-ups at any stage

Mouse-cursor tracing & heatmaps

Survey integration & logic

Eco & Green Labels / Environmental Labels

Fully adjustable and dynamically generated eco- and green labels allow to create flexible and realistic decision environments.

Whether you test existing environmental or CO2 emission labels or create new labels, we can replicate any digital environments where decision making processes take place

RCT ready

Dynamically generated labels

Sorting, filtering, ordering

Warning messages & pop-ups at any stage

Mouse-cursor tracing & heatmaps

Survey integration & logic

Searching for Collaborators

We are looking for collaborators interested in testing & validation of our research platform. Get in touch with us!

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Our approach combines the power of Behavioural Science and Human-Centered Design to craft innovative products and experiences that resonate with what people truly want and need.

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We deliver end-to-end 360-degree research solutions, managing everything from programming complex behavioural experiments to recruitment of participants and statistical analysis.

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