Using Gamification to Learn About How People Spend Money

Spending game is a research tool to study economic behavior of kids and adults through gamification. With the original idea coming from Dr. Heather Kappes from London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), the spending game was co-designed and developed by LSE and Expilab.


NHS Choices. Choosing a High Quality Hospital

A series of behavioural laboratory and field experiments exploring the impact of various behavioural nudges and, in general, of choice architecture on choices made by NHS patients and travellers were programmed and conducted using the Expilab web-platform. Decision process-tracing tools that allowed the collection of data about participants’ attention areas during the choice tasks were embedded into the design of the field experiments.

public policy

Behavioural Experiments to Test CO2 Car Labelling: Shaping Vehicle Labelling Standards in the EU

Together with LSE, UOC, Tech4i2 and others, Expilab has co-delivered a project for the European Commission to improve consumer information and awareness about car ecological and CO2 labelling. The Expilab team has focused on co-design and execution of a set of online behavioural experiments across 10 EU countries involving 10,500+ participants. Behavioural experiments provided actionable insights for the design of effective consumer Eco CO2 labels capable of nudging citizens toward more sustainable transportation choices.