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March 1, 2024

Expilab at The 1st International Behavioural Public Policy Conference

Daniel Guerrero

From 7th-10th September 2022, The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) will hold the 1st International Behavioural Public Policy Conference. This event aims to fill a gap by providing a forum for those interested in the link between behavioural science and public policy to discuss their work.

In this conference, Expilab’s Team will present a research project done in collaboration with the Department of Behavioural Policy (R​2​), City of Rome (Italy). Title of the talk Evaluating COVID-19 Public Health Messaging in Italy: Self-Reported Compliance and Growing Mental Health Concerns
Expilab will be also a sponsor of this conference which will be attended by institutions such as: World Bank, WHO, OECD, European Commission, Ofcom, FCA, CMA, BIT, Ministry of Health of Saudi Arabia, among others.

Personal data consent: What customers are afraid of and what do they look for?
March 1, 2024
Daniel Guerrero

How companies can increase personal data consent? Consumers’ reluctance to reveal their personal information is primarily triggered by the lack of adequate info, so companies can address that by providing clear and direct information of destination and purpose of data collected.

Online Gambling: Consumer Protection Measures
March 11, 2024
Daniel Guerrero

After the announcement of WhatsApp on its new terms of use of users’ data, we feel that somehow full transparency of privacy concerns is not always the best strategy to gain credibility.

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